Would you like to become a Friend of the HSO? By becoming a Friend of the Orchestra, you will help support us in the following ways:

  • Encourage music making in the local community
  • Support talented young musicians and soloists
  • Introduce live Classical music to the next generation, with free tickets to young people aged 18 and under

In return, for a yearly subscription of £25 (single members) or £40 (joint members), you will receive:

  • A chance to attend Open Rehearsals. Refreshments provided!
  • An invitation to any special events and the chance to meet our Conductor or players in an informal setting
  • An opportunity to sponsor one of our regular players or two if you have joint membership (optional). Alternatively, you can choose to sponsor a specific instrument. 
  • The right to have your generosity credited by name in our programmes and/or on our website (optional)

For further information, please contact Suzannah Hart at suzannahhart@hotmail.com


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Lydia Hart
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Carole Lewis
Carole Niven
Nigel Oseland
Godfrey Rock
Ann St. John
Michael St. John
Juliette Walton
Jennie Whitefield
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